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Last year and 3 month was eaten up by work, seriously, Walmart, right up until I quit, made a valiant effort to devour my soul - to the point I was too drained for anything creative, and only with enough will left over to take out frustrations on video game victims.

"No overtime, but we need you to stay late."

Well, I no longer work at Walmart, haven't for the last week and a half. Actually looking for a new job right now - but it isn't all bad. I have a job interview monday morning at Dollar General in Merkel, and I'm pretty sure I have a damn high chance of getting it, as it was only two days between when I put the application in and when I got the call for the interview. Though, I'll be moving back out there in any event, as I can't keep my apartment with my lack of job right now. (Just as well, the new downstairs neighbor is a fucking moron).

It's a small store in a small town, not much in the way of high volume going on there - if I can press for it, I'm going part time, as I'd like to do some online schooling for animation/video game design (or whatever actually works out in the end) - I've more things in mind for my life than working a retail job, or some low-level entry job.

In any event, I won't be making more than I was while working at Walmart - started at 7.65, ramped up to 9, then with good performance, went up to 9.25. Switch from Unloading to Sporting Goods, went to 10.18 then with the restructuring of pay grade to 10.50 - I did sporting goods for over a month. . . before my 2009 Misdemeanor (that shows as a felony on the background check, simply because it looks for hot-words on a persons background, not any rulings regarding - the initial charge was a felony, plea deal brought it down to a misdemeanor, since a firearm was not discharged - it's a high misdemeanor, to be sure, just under a felony, in any event). I'll need to get in contact with the Wyoming Court Clerk and see if I can get a new copy of my ruling - it's been just under 7 years, and I've moved often, and no longer have the original paper.

The kicker is, the Market AP manager bluntly said they MISSED it on my ORIGINAL background check when I was hired in December 2014, and missed it AGAIN in February (about halfway through my last 3 months working there).

Then they threw me at Lawn and Garden. . . something I know fuckall about. Primarily to run a register, which I technically wasn't qualified to run (I was barely qualified to run the one in Sporting Goods, but then Sporting Goods is much lower volume to traffic).

And then I was used as a "Floor Bitch" while waiting for-the-guaranteed-by-Tuesday decision by the Vetting department. (No, it didn't arrive by Tuesday, March 5, in fact, it hadn't arrived by the time I quit last Tuesday).

But that Walmart is so understaffed, it doesn't surprise me I was bounced around like a pin-ball while they tried to figure out what to do with me. But I didn't like having to come in every single day having to find a manager that had the foggiest idea of my situation every day - either 7 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon - whenever I came in. It's weird, but I enjoyed work right up until I had that bite me in the ass - for a week I put up with being a pin-ball. . . middle of last week, I said screw it and quit. My nerves were already frayed - I thought, finally, it wouldn't bite me in the ass any more, and it comes back again, with a vengeance. I was getting annoyed with innocent questions when thrown somewhere I didn't know. Not a good sign. . . when I get annoyed, I can't hide with a veneer of false-happytude. My tone changes, my posture changes, my breathing changes (more from annoyance changing into anger).

This is all that broke the camels back, I've had other issues that drove me to quit.

Back in June, for instance, there were two openings for Unloader Team Supervisor. One was filled when I put in for it (came from another store), and two of us put in for the other - me and one other guy.
Two of us got in an interview for that position.
I wasn't one of them.
Someone that DIDN'T put in for it got an interview. And they are to supposed to interview ALL applicants for the position.
The other person that put in for the position got the job the moment he got an interview. . . and it was then his inability to lead became apparent, and everything fell apart. It was his inability to lead, or for that matter, have more than 40 IQ, that drove me to put in for sporting goods at the end of December. And it was partially his responsibility why I was rushed out to Sporting Goods within a few days of my coming back from my Vacation.

And that isn't all of it.

And the person who was pulled for the second position eventually quit when he ran headlong into the severe manager-to-employee disrespect at that store. And he was a cool guy. Works at the Coca-Cola Warehouse/Processing Plant on the outskirts of town, and he's doing better. I'd like to apply there, but I literally have no way out there, not even with the city-transportation, since it doesn't go out there. . . and using a cab or even Uber (*shudder*) is prohibitively expensive. Even more so with moving back out to Merkel.

I've made things work out before, I'll make them work out again. Unlike most people, I ENJOY working. . . can't just sit on my ass all day without earning money to keep food in my stomach and a roof over my head.

Of course, there's my CDL, I just need a new DoT medical exam done and convert the license to Texas.


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